In-App Advertising !

Design Thinking Games is a niche podcast that targets the intersection between user experience professionals who are also gamers and game designers. We currently have a decent listenership, a Patreon, and our goal is to monetize the podcast through advertising, merchandising, and eventually a game studio. 

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Dice Tower Theatre

Hunt A Killer

Space Engineers


Playtest Kit

What you need to know

Each episode averages 30 minutes and reaches 100 subscribers per week. While we grow, we are offering super affordable pricing for engaging host-read ads, which allow us to increase the show quality, and reach more people. Our current audience is primarily male, 24-34 years of age, with an average household income between $75k – $100k.


We price advertising by 30-second chunks and by their placement in our show., and availability is based on request.

  • Pre-roll ad – 30 sec. – $5.00
  • Mid-roll ad – 30 sec. – $10.00
  • Post-roll ad – 30 sec. – $5.00

If you are interested in becoming a Design Thinking Games advertiser, please submit the following information and we will get back to you shortly: