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Design Thinking is a process that is used to understand customers and create innovative solutions. In the podcast and in our game design we apply Design Thinking principles.

“Design Thinking Games started as an experiment to see if other UX professionals, like us, really like gaming… no, love gaming! So that’s what we talk about… the player experience of all different types of games. So come along, follow us on this kooky (and hopefully) great adventure!”

Michael Schofield (left), Tim Broadwater (right)

Games We Podcast About

Battlefied Betrayal at House on the Hill Call of Cthulhu Casting Shadows Cuphead Cyberpunk 2077 Dead by Daylight Dice Invasion Donkey Kong Country Dungeons & Dragons Elden Ring Final Fantasy Forbidden Desert Fortnite Fury of Dracula Gabriel Knight Gloomhaven Hades Hellblade Hell Let Loose Horizon Forbidden West It's Kind of a Fun Story It Takes Two Last of Us Legend of Zelda Lords of Waterdeep Magic the Gathering Marvel Superheroes RPG Mass Effect Monster Hunter Moonlighter Mortal Kombat Pandemic Pokemon Pokemon Go Resident Evil Sea of Thieves Spider-Man 2 Splatoons 3 Stray Tears of the Kingdom The Devil In Me Until Dawn Vampire: the Masquerade World of Warcraft

Podcast Hosts

Welcome to Design Thinking Games, a gaming and UX podcast by Tim Broadwater and Michael Schofield. This podcast examines the player experience of board games, pen and paper roleplaying games, live action games, and video games.

Michael Schofield

Michael is a service designer specializing in #researchOps and is a director of engineering in his day job. Aspiring professional dungeon master, philosopher, and poet. #pluckyBio

Consoles: Xbox Series X, Switch

Favorite board game: Fury of Dracula

Favorite tabletop RPG: D&D with Grit and Glory supplement. 

Most proud gaming accomplishment: In the early aughts I led a clan to victory in a Rainbow Six Vegas 2 MLG Tournament.

Tim Broadwater

Tim is a life-long UXer, designer, consultant, mentor, speaker, writer, gaymer, and artist. He is the author of UX FMK, a former Venture Lieutenant for Paizo, and is savagely addicted to coffee (in all forms).

Consoles: WVTinyTim on Android, PS4 Pro, Steam, Switch

Favorite board game: King of Tokyo

Favorite tabletop RPG: Starfinder

Most proud gaming accomplishment:

  1. I have played and beaten all 20 Zelda games from the Legend of Zelda (1986) to Tears of the Kingdom (2023).
  2. In 2022 after 4+ years and 55+ hours of gameplay, I finally beat Cuphead.

If you are so inclined, please feel free to follow us on Twitter at @DTGamesPodcast, on TikTok at @designthinkinggames, or on Twitch at DesignThinkingGames. Please feel free to support the podcast on Patreon if you are a fan.