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This is what we currently are working on:

Common Mobbers

Common Mobbers is a 1-8 collaborative/competitive press-your-luck flock management game.


Just completed my third play test of Common Mobbers with three players… shout out to @Steele and @The Thief • An Audiodrama for being great players! #boardgame #boardgametok #tabletop #CommonMobbers

♬ American Robin – Dj Cutman & Bird Boy

Nightmare of the Golden Horseshoe

2-6 Player collaborative delayed purchasing, resource management cryptozoological alternate history adventure game.


Thirst (previously CorpVamp) is a 2-4 player, vampire versus vampire, city domination game that we are play testing v0.6 at PAX Unplugged.

Your Move, Hero!

A 2-4 player competitive dungeon racer family game. If you git hit once you have to restart!


Wanted to share a first look at Your Move Hero, another game we currently have and development and play testing! #boardgames #tabletop #boardgametok #boardgamedesign #gamedev

♬ original sound – Design Thinking Games

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Design Thinking Game Studio

Design Thinking Games the podcast is vigorously working towards becoming a game design and production studio, loosely title Design Thinking Game Studio. We have been podcasting about gaming and the player experience for a while now, and over the years we have met so many fantastic people who have inspired us to try.

This is a new space we are navigating, so please feel free to ask questions or leave us a comment. Thanks!

“Nobody in this industry knows what they’re doing, we just have a gut assumption.”

Cliff Bleszinski, Epic Games