Your Move Hero

  • Ages 8+
  • 2-4 Players
  • 15-20 Mins.
  • Children’s Game, Family, Map Addition, Modular Board, Racing Mechanism, Variable Player Powers

Status: Playtesting
Designers: Tim Broadwater

Hear ye, hear ye! The king of Maventry tasks his best Heroes, to prove themselves in a trial of bravery, cunning, and wits! By order of the king, in three days time all willing heroes are asked to participate in a race to decide the fate of the kingdom. The Hero who wins the race by returning first with their legendary treasure, will be crowned the new king or queen of Maventry.

In Your Move Hero you play as one of the many heroes of Maventry, a magical kingdom that is about to loose it’s king. Play as a Magician, Fighter, Thief, or Cleric utilizing your special abilities, and pursuing a very specific goal.

Once you have chosen your hero, you will race in turns against the other players to explore randomly generated dungeons filled with traps, puzzles, monsters, and more! Player Round repeats until a hero finds what they are looking for. When they do find the treasure, flip over the player card (While they are holding the treasure). Can you slay the monster, save the princess, get the treasure, and get out first!?

After finding the treasure the treasure the Hero seeks, the Hero must exit the dungeon through the door they set down before starting. The first Hero out is the winner, and the remaining Heroes may play to see who exits next for second place, and so on.


Wanted to share a first look at Your Move Hero, another game we currently have and development and play testing! #boardgames #tabletop #boardgametok #boardgamedesign #gamedev

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