• Ages 8+
  • 2-4 Players
  • 30-60 Mins.
  • Action Points, Map Addition, Modular Board, Player Elimination, Point to Point Movement, Role Playing, and Variable Player Powers

Status: Blind Playtesting
Designers: Tim Broadwater, Michael Schofield

Thirst is a bloodthirsty 2–4 player competitive vampire-versus-vampire city dominion game.

In Thirst players become unholy powerful, inhumanly monstrous, bloodthirstily timeless vampires. As a vampire you can command undead and wield evil dark magic, but you awaken in a modern age of human invention and society.

Evil ichor courses through your veins keeping you undead, and since you only know peace when you kill, you MUST FEED, you must drink blood, and there isn’t enough in this city to go around!

In Thirst you fight other vampires for dominion, hunting grounds, and dominance over city neighborhoods. Drive your opponents into deadly frenzy, Prey on humans, use Dark Powers, and claim everything as your domain! You can enthrall humans, make ghouls, and even more vampires… but beware, reckless choices and bodies discovered create harsh Consequences for vampires. Which vampire will control the city by controlling their… Thirst!

Rise each night to prey on the living, return to your coffin to hide from the deadly rays of morning, and win Thirst by being the first player to accrue 10 Influence.


Introducing Thirst… ok, we just changed the name of our 2 to 4 player vampire versus vampire city dominion game (previously Corporate Vampire). We are still using that name for a different game though, lol #boardgametok #gaymertok #tabletop #boardgames #boardgamedesign

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