Ready, Set, Fight!

  • Ages 8+
  • 2-5 Players
  • 30 Mins.
  • Betting, Dice Rolling, Die Icon Resolution, Engine Builder, Hand Management, King of the Hill, Player Elimination, Open Drafting, and Set Collection

Status: v1 PnP Available / Playtesting / Prototyping
Designers: Tim Broadwater

Ready, Set, Fight is a domino-like strategy game, where players can build their own monsters, give them special abilities, and battle them against other player’s monsters in a fight to the death! Builders beware, different types of monsters exist in the game – plant monsters, giant robots, and even aliens – so as you are building your monster to fight, the other player are also building another giant monstrosity!

Play as a mad scientist and cook-up your own monstrosity in the lab. But beware, other mad scientists are making their own abominations. It’s an all-out battle royale as your experiment fights to the death! Who will be the best monster creator!

Players particiapte in 5 rounds of Ready (mix monsterparts into a gaint pile), Set (players randomly draft monster parts then like dominos, each player chooses which pieces to connect to one another to give their monster the abilities for each connected), then Fight! Players can also mutate their monsteres inbetween rounds.

After round 5 (AKA Sudden Death Overtime, which is signified by the skull) until only one monster survives.