041: It’s Kind of a Fun Story

Listen now (61 min) | Heeding the warning from the space wizard, our heroes make camp for the night in a nearby cave. They soon discover that the cave is inhabited by a three-headed dragon named PopHaus, who just wants to play a new game called It’s Kind of a Fun Story! Read the transcript.

Things discussed on this episode:

  • 02:44 Final Fantasy VII
  • 03:30 Crash Bandicoot
  • 04:06 Dream Phone
  • 05:22 Mouse Trap
  • 09:06 Animal Crossing
  • 15:11 Codenames
  • 15:30 It’s Kind of a Fun Story
  • 20:01 Cards Against Humanity
  • 31:29 Gloomhaven
  • 39:41 Spot It
  • 41:37 Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • 42:34 Secret Hitler
  • 45:49 Skippo
  • 46:46 Dragula
  • 49:01 Final Fantasy XIV
  • 51:39 Big Brother
  • 55:04 Monikers

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