046: The Creative Partnership and First Principles behind X: Seekers of Fortune

Listen now (38:36 min) | A clear path forward to funding begins to emerge, but it is a long road. Our heroes sit at the feet of the designers of X: Seekers of Fortune, Joel and Danny (Mega Moth Studios), who have been on this journey much longer, and have much to share.

Read the transcript.

Things discussed on this episode:

  • 00:27 – Mega Moth Studios
  • 01:58 – Navigating creative differences
  • 04:50 – First principles and the importance of designing the card backs for X: Seekers of Fortune well
  • 06:00 – How do you even define the minimum viable product for a game?
  • 07:19 – Why choose to make a trading card game (TCG)?
  • 10:09 – X: Seekers of Fortune
  • 13:12 – Production progress report
  • 15:53 – D12

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