033: Season Finale with Sophia Prater

Listen now (51 min) | The big fish is revealed to be Sophia Prater, Chief Evangelist of OOUX. Our heroes learn about the history of object-oriented UX and the design of Sophia’s new game. We finally review the results of this season’s great challenge: Moonlighter! Read the transcript.

Things discussed on this episode:

  • 01:10 Sophia Prater
  • 02:15 Axure
  • 09:14 Object Orientated UX (OOUX)
  • 13:17 Atomic Design
  • 14:52 Thinking in Services
  • 16:31 UX Magic
  • 19:14 Object Map
  • 27:05 Lords of Waterdeep
  • 29:28 OOUX.com
  • 34:03 Moonlighter
  • 38:10 Cult of the Lamb
  • 38:48 Rollercoaster Tycoon
  • 39:38 Monster Hunter

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