047: Providing Value, Building Community with Kervin from For Why Games

Listen now (34:50 min) | For Why Games’ founder advises our heroes to endeavor to provide real value to one’s community so that the community will turn out. 

Read the transcript.

Things discussed on this episode:

  • 00:37 – Kervin discusses his journey into TikTok and board game design
  • 01:31 – Inspiration for creating a Allow Me to Mansplain
  • 04:52 – Why “For Why Games”?
  • 06:21 – Marsh Hallow
  • 09:07 – Explanation of roll-and-write mechanics and their unique approach
  • 12:48 – Kervin’s approach to playtesting and community building
  • 16:48 – How to connect with Kervin and For Why Games
  • 18:08 – We play D12

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